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Aqua Care Pool Service provides professional, quality services to all clients. Our skilled, uniformed technicians service your needs with state-of-the-art equipment and unmatchable services and workmanship. We offer the best value for your money including vinyl liner replacements, year-round maintenance, and custom renovations. We have the knowledge and experience to provide proper care and maintenance in order to provide you with everything needed to maximize the enjoyment of your pool.

Our Services Include

Vinyl Liner Replacements

Year-Round Maintenance

Pumps and Filters

Pool Water Delivery Service


Plaster and Tile

Custom Pools Since 1998

Benefits of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools used to be the exception, but now they are becoming a widely accepted method of water treatment in swimming pools. Salt water systems are quickly becoming the standard for new pool installations. Salt water pools provide better swimming comfort. By eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, you eliminate the source of the irritation that plagues swimmers in most pools! Salt water pools also provide superior algae control. Salt water pool systems virtually eliminate algae problems because the chlorine in the pool is not inhibited by high stabilizer levels.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Salt Water Pools Today!

Refreshing Clear Water—Safe and Natural

Convenient and Simple Operation

Superior Algae Control without Algaecides

Gentler on Swimmers, Especially the Little Ones

Easier on the Budget with Reduced Chemical Costs

Eliminates That "Chemical Bath" Feel

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We called Aqua Care to start cleaning service the beginning of the summer. Our technician Brandon has done a great job. They have replaced our pool pump and repaired our cleaner. I think the world of these...

Steve T.